In the Jameet, share different moments of your life (photos, videos, moods, songs and sounds, etc.) with nearby people and your friends on your personal page and earn money from it.

Offer your products in the Jameet market and sell them with the best profit.

Easily earn money by inviting your friends to register in the Jameet.

By Jameet messaging app, you can have free video or audio calls with other friends and easily send text messages to them.

Earn money by viewing other people's posts or like or dislike or reporting inappropriate content.

If you consider yourself eligible for assistance or intend to do something or do not have enough money to start your business, by submitting your story and related images, you can use the cash assistance of Jameet users to solve your problem.

Create new group (with a dedicated link) and invite your friends to join this group or join others groups offered or your friends groups.

Nearby friends displayed people around you, based on their geographical location and distance from you, and you can send messages to them.

Search people, channels, or groups around you by Jameet Explorer to get the best results.

Share the links from other sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Aparat, etc. with Jameet so that the content of the desired page can be easily uploaded in Jameet.

With privacy settings and personalization, you can restrict access to your personal page to the certain people.

Inform your followers about the latest changes in your life by changing your profile information.

If you’ve been unaware of a friend for a long time or upset with, encourage them to have a friendly conversation by sending a poke.

Manage your Jameet notifications to show notification at any time.